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Herb Garden Biotechnology (HGB) aims to become a leading health food manufacturer in the field of biotechnology. HGB strives to develop the most advanced production technology, improve the hardward equipment and facilities, and enhance the R&D innovation. HGB also implements the rigorous food safty management system with the certificaiton of ISO 22000 and HACCP.

We have the following production lines:

1. Computerized Double-drum rotary dryer:Rotary dryer could dehydrate crops and retain the nutrients. Instant grian and vegetable powders and flakes such as baby essence, rice flour, beans powder, pumpkin powder, sweet potato powder, yam powder and so on will be made in this line.

2. Puff drying production line:This line is to produce traditional grain powder such as barley flour, brown rice flour, and corn powder. The puff powder is flavorful and low-cost.

3. Roasted grain powder production line:Roasted crops such as black soybean, soybean, rye, oatmeal, sesame and so on are ground into dried and aromatic powders.

4. Can filling production line:The whole production line is to seal both composite paper can and metal can that is in the caliber of 502 and 401.

5. Packaging production line:The packaging line includes inner sachet filling and outer box packages covered with shrink film.

6. Discount bags, packaging production line:After the inner sachet filling process, the outer carry bag sealing are proceeded in this production line.

Computerized double drum rotary dryer

1.Before putting any raw material into the machine, grains should be added in water and ground into thick liquids. The drying production process only takes around ten seconds. It does little damage to the nutrient value of ingredients.

2.The dehydration process of double drum rotary dryer could retain nutrients in grains and maintain the original flavor.

3.The double drum rotary dryer produces flakes and powder which can be dissolved easily in water and taste good.

4.Puff-drying grains are common products. Although the process of puffing makes grain more flavorful, it is also very heaty for inner body. Double drum rotary dryer instantly dehydrates the multigrain pulp and produces nutritious powder which is easy to dissolve and much better for digestion.

Differences among grain processing methods

Rotary drying Roasting High pressure puffing
Appearance powder, flakes, oatmeal powder powder
Solubility soluble lumps lumps
Smell original flavor strong aroma strong aroma
Nutritive value high medium low
Texture flakes powder powder

Herb Garden Biotechnology uses scientific methods to produce healthy foods. We care for your health!

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