OEM/ODM services

Main products/services

Herb Garden Biotechnology (HGB) is a company with a professional innovation team, raw material production lines, and packaging equipment. HGB can research, develop, and produce customized products.

According to the client's requirement, safe and hygienic functional health food is developed with the combination of natural ingredients and biotech raw materials.

As a reliable OEM/ODM raw material supplier, HGB utilizes scientific, professional and systemized production methods to produce high-quality healthy food in a good working environment.

Let HGB make the excellent products and create a win-win!

R&D and OEM/ODM services

HGB's professional OEM/ODM services and R&D products include: organic food, baby malt, health-preserving meal replacement, high fiber meal replacement, fruit beverage, fruit and vegetable powder, lactic acid bacteria powder, instant grain powder, and concentrated herbal extract.

Product goals

  • Weight management,
    low calories and high fiber food

  • Natural dairy-free food

  • Professional, health-preserving meal replacement for seniors

  • New formula of healthy food series for vegetarian

  • Functional formula vigor smoothie

  • Body booster products

  • Fruit beverage

  • Organic healthy food R&D

  • Beauty and body enhancement products

  • Baby food, baby malt, rice essence. Nutritious multigrain powder

  • Vegetable soup and porridge series

  • Agricultural biotech product R&D

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